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Dehumidifier box, dehumidifier bag, dehumidifier, moisture a

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Dehumidifier box, dehumidifier bag, dehumidifier, moisture absorption bag, moisture absorption agent
Dehumidification box is composed of calcium chloride and activated carbon particles. It is used to absorb moisture in the air in humid rooms, reduce indoor humidity and adsorb harmful gas molecules of formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC.
Main ingredients: calcium chloride, activated carbon particles
Use: adsorption formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC harmful gas molecules
Net content: 230g/ box
Standard hygroscopic capacity: 600 ml
Service life: 1-3 months (depending on season and place)
Product feature
1, air purification: this product contains natural active carbon, its adsorption capacity of harmful gas is 6 times that of the ordinary dehumidification box.
2, mildew proof principle: This product contains mildew proof particles, in the adsorption of moisture in the air after the solid dry reaction, produce chlorine dioxide, inhibit microbial pollution.
3, strong water absorption: This product adopts strong water absorption material, large water absorption, strong sustainability.
4. Breathable and mildew proof: in the process of use, there is a layer of white breathable paper on the top of this product, which can make the water vapor adsorbed by the product through this layer of paper, and also prevent the liquid in the box from spilling out.
5. Scope of application: room, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase, storage box, etc., dehumidification, mildew and odor.