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Why does the warmer have a different solid state before and

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1.Why does the warmer have a different solid state before and after use?
There is NaCl solution before the warmer is used, and all substances have not reacted, so it is a paste. After use, the warmer is transformed into a solid, so it is relatively hard.
2. Is it not possible to rub the pastable warm wrap?
Can paste type warmer uses a special non-woven composite film to prevent oxygen permeation. If you rub the warmer, the iron powder in the warmer will be collected on one side and cannot be heated, so it is recommended not to rub the warmer.
Dose rubbing the warmer speed up the heating?
The body of the warmer is made of airtight non-woven cloth. Considering that the air cannot penetrate, micro holes are opened on the warmer. When using the warmer, if the warmer is rubbed, it will cause the microhole blockage and can not heat. Rubbing the warmer does not speed up the heating.
Why are you using double layer packaging on warmer?
The outer layer is a conventional airtight outer bag, used to isolate the air, oxygen needs to be involved in the use, so the inner layer of non-woven bag made of microporous breathable film.