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Can I get warm stickers on the plane?

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Can I get warm stickers on the plane?
Whether warm stickers can be brought on the plane depends on the specific regulations of different places.
In fact, warm stickers have not been listed in the list of prohibited items of CAAC, but each airport has different implementation standards, and each airport has different requirements for carrying warmer items. In some airports, as long as they are belonging to the spontaneously warmer items, they are strictly prohibited to carry on the warmer items.
Normally, warmer can be taken on the plane, because the main components of warmer are iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, resin water and salt, as long as you do not open the package, warmer will not heat. Even if the heating temperature is below 60 degrees, there is no fire hazard, so warmer is not prohibited products. However, some airports will prevent passengers from taking warmers on the plane. If it is not urgent to use the advice, it is best not to carry it with you, and then buy it after the destination, so that it will not affect the flight.