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Be sure to opt for a wafer type steam eye mask

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Be sure to opt for a wafer type steam eye mask
All this time, you must have noticed that I kept stressing the word "chip". Please remember that:
Steam eye mask must choose thin section type!
The reason for this is that the flake type steam eye mask is far better than the traditional powder steam eye mask. In developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States, there are only thin section steam eye mask. The reason why there are some non-sheet type so-called steam eye mask, it is because these manufacturers are originally made of traditional warm patch, sheet type technology is too difficult, they can not produce.
Due to the higher requirements of material and production process, thin section steam eye mask is relatively high in the price. The powdery steam eye mask, which has a powdered heating element inside like a warmer, is much cheaper.
Beauty-loving women, would you be willing to put your eyes on a cheap powdery bag steam eye mask just to save a few bucks?
Let beauty accompany life, and is such a cost-effective way to love beauty, don't spend a lot of money and time to catch up with the new trend, you need to stock up on the flake type steam eye mask.