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How to distinguish good and bad warmer?

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How to distinguish good and bad warmer?
With the improvement of people's living standards, disposable heating supplies are also widely used in people's lives, at present, there have been a lot of such products on the market, the current product is not very standardized, the name of what have, some called warm paste, warm body treasure, etc. In this name a lot of called, the product is much the same, but the quality is uneven, in order to the interests of the majority of consumers, in order to everyone's health, we provide you with some ways to distinguish good and bad products:
Authentic warmer:
1. From the outer packaging, it is bright color, no noise, fine workmanship!
2. From the inner bag: the inner bag clean, no taste, non-woven fabric calm!
3. From the heating process experience: uniform heating, temperature change slowly, do not sharply rise or drop!
4. From the fever after experience: do not fall, after the fever inside formed a hard block!
Inferior warmer: inside bag is not clean, uneven heating, contents.