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hand warmer with four seal

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Hand warmer with four seal
Firstly we can know the specifications of hand warmer with four seal                                                                                          
Size: 130x100mm       
Net weight :  70g±5g   
Packing   : 240pieces/carton                                    
Heating Last: 20~24hours
Average Temp: 52C
Max Temp: 62C
Country of origin: China                            
Secondly, we can talk about its natural material, which includes Iron Powder, Water, Vermiculite, Activated Carbon and Salt.etc
Thirdly, you should pay attention to some cautions
· Must apply the warmer pad onto the outside of your underclothes never use it directly on your skin ! 
· The warmer pad can achieve 58 degrees centigrade, and it can continually give out heat for 10 to 12 hours, so do not use it when you sleep in night.
· Kept the warmer pad in safe situation, do not damage the vacuum packing.that will lead to the inside material leak.
Above all,you should properly store it, you should keep it dry, put it cold place and avoid direct sunlight.